About Us

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AMI Asset Management is a Los Angeles-based registered investment advisor founded in 1994. The firm manages $2.5 billion in assets under advisement* on behalf of wealth managers, charities, endowments, religious organizations, public plans, and institutions of many different categories.

The firm AMI manages a U.S. large-cap growth and a U.S. small-cap growth strategy with the goal of generating superior performance while maintaining a low-risk profile. This is achieved by the implementation of a GARP Strategy focused on investing in high quality, growing companies with recurring revenue business models. The firm separately manages core taxable, tax-exempt, and high-yield fixed-income strategies on behalf of institutions and high net-worth clients.

* As of March 31, 2024. Assets under advisement are comprised of our assets under management plus our model based assets.

** As of March 31, 2024. Assets under management and model based assets.