AMI Asset Management is a Los Angeles-based registered investment advisor with approximately $1.14 billion* in assets under management.  The firm manages six investment strategies including U.S. small capitalization growth equity, U.S. small-to-mid capitalization growth equity, U.S. large capitalization growth equity, taxable fixed income, tax-exempt fixed income and high-yield fixed income. The management of the equity strategies and fixed income strategies are independent of each another. AMI is 100% employee owned. 


Firm History


  • 1975:  Bill Tanner co-founds a business management accounting firm in Los Angeles which focuses on managing the business affairs of individuals in the entertainment business.   During his time at the accounting firm, Mr. Tanner develops a unique form of a GARP strategy which focuses on investing in companies with recurring business models.


  • 1998: AMI Asset Management Corporation, a registered investment advisor, is formed.  Mr. Tanner begins managing large cap growth portfolios for his accounting clients.


  • 2000:  Mr. Tanner is increasingly being called upon by his clients to manage their investment portfolios leading him to step away from managing the day-to-day business of the accounting firm to focus his attention on AMI.  Matt Humiston is hired to help formalize the business structure and co-manage the portfolio.  Asset growth accelerates.


  • 2003: AMI elects to outsource the management of all of their clients’ fixed income portfolios to a local sub-advisor.


  • 2005:  Chris Sessing is hired from Crowell, Weedon & Co. to co-manage the equity portfolio with Mr. Tanner and Mr. Humiston.  New asset growth moves away from referrals from the accounting firm, and more towards relationships of the firm's partners.


  • 2008: AMI launches a second equity strategy, AMI Small Cap Growth Equity, which is managed in an identical fashion as the large cap growth strategy but focuses on investing in domestic firms with a capitalization between $100 million and $3 billion. 


  • 2009: The firm elects to bring all of the fixed income assets in-house by hiring portfolio manager Tim Somers.


  • 2012: Matt Dorband is hired to lead the institutional sales and marketing efforts.  Institutional asset growth accelerates.


  • 2013: AMI starts a thrid equity strategy, AMI SMID Cap Growth Equity, which focuses on investing in domestic companies with a market capitalization between $100 million and $10 billion.


* As of October 31, 2013

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